Saturday, August 1, 2009

and the nation mourns...

Cory Aquino, in life or death, remained undefined, in so far as the words "woman", "mother", "patriot" would's not enough and it will never be. I am a person rather busy trying trying to make ends meet and I only had a glimpse of her existence, she lived in a limelight, after all--may she rest in peace. She was a woman who ascended to men's world by conquering the politacal arena. She became "parents", when Ninoy sacrficed himself for this was already more than her fair share when she lost him and yet, she offered herself to heal the bleeding nation...but she can only do so much...Imagine if I had followed her every move or if I had not been far away from the sidelines, I may have written more, knew her more...We thank you Cory...and so the nation mourns.