Sunday, February 8, 2009

friendship and friendshit..

I have friends but rather few...and I like it that way...I have met a lot of people in my journey, and though many have made a mark in my life, a small number have remained for see, I have this annoying attitude of holding grudges forever...not healthy, I know, but I can't help it...when friends with someone, I am loyal to the bone...but, when you do something to me that I will never never do to you, then, I will never never forget...friendship turns to friendshit...I am a strong believer of "reciprocation" you treat me is how I treat you...and it has been forever since I stopped pleasing people...when you grow figure it out on your own, that you can't please stop better for everybody...but then again, since life is an unfair unfolding mystery...we just gotta live it...friendship or goes on...just keep moving forward...and aim for that "walking barefoot in foreign soil"...hey, I'm talking to myself...stop rolling that eyes or else...