Sunday, November 30, 2008


It was a peaceful and rather relaxing Sunday, one of which I always look forward to, after a long stressful-full-pressured-nerve wrecking week of work. That and a mocha frappuccino grande with an extra shot: my sinful weekend beverage, not only because of the calories it contains but I secretly think it’s overpriced. Yummy...and I must say it again, sinful. (Hoping to repent my “sin” by saying it over and over again, huh?)

Lost with my own thoughts, amid the animated chattering of the vamps around me, whose nocturnal habits I consider similar to my own, something caught my attention, my full attention, everything else forgotten, buried six feet under. A family, or at least, I assumed, because I had not seen the father, was dropped off in front of us. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, except for one disturbing fact. With them was a lively three- year old kid, I wildly calculated, whose innocence and carefree demeanor, shows a promising future, on LEASHED. I was dumbfounded and my heart, yet, broke again. What is this world becoming to? Or should I say, what are we becoming to? Animal on leash, that’s the norm, but a human being?! Imagine how the child would feel when he grows up, or once his mind could comprehend such a matter, knowing he was treated like his favorite doggie. It’s way beyond what my extreme imagination could conjure. I don’t know, maybe I am exaggerating, this is my own perception after all. Then again, I grew up in a society where a child has to be nurtured. Held. Loved. Disciplined. Nothing could accurately describe the scene which I witnessed but CRUELTY. Tsk. Tsk. And we wonder why people become evil. Unknowingly, we unleashed them when it no longer matters.